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Classic Landscaping in Farragut, TN

Farragut is a town in Knox County, Tennessee and is named in honor of David Farragut, an admiral from the American Civil War. If you’re looking for services in landscaping in Farragut, TN, whether it be designing, building or maintaining your landscape, Greenbriar Landscaping is here for you!

As of the 2010 census, Farragut, a suburb of the city of Knoxville, has a population of around 20,500 people. The town itself has a small-town atmosphere with an abundance of dining and retail options, many recreational opportunities both indoor and outdoor, and easy proximity to I-40 and I-75. Farragut, as coined by its official website, is “the perfect place to visit…or put down roots.”

And based on the feedback from its residents, it sure is! Farragut is ranked the fourth out of 201 areas in Tennessee in the “Best Places to Live in Tennessee” list, and fourth out of 201 on the “Best Places to Raise a Family in Tennessee list,” according to

Some reviews from residents claim that Farragut is a “very affluent area” of Tennessee and is “extremely safe and fun.” Others say that it is communities take pride in “keeping a very clean and safe town,” making Farragut a “very family friendly place that has plenty of parks for the family and even family pets to enjoy.” Another of its lauded advantages is its close proximity to down Knoxville where you can enjoy “the big city life activities.”

If you’re in Farragut, TN, whether it be hunting in the job market or settling down with a family, it wouldn’t hurt to give your property a tune-up. If you want to incorporate great landscaping work into your property, or already have landscaping and are in need of professionals to spruce it up for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Greenbriar Landscaping offers services in landscaping in Farragut, TN, as well as landscape building and maintenance. We’re only one call away!

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